Don't defend, don't engage, don't explain, don't personalize. It'll just drain you even more to try to reason with unreasonable people. Take the space you need to heal and come back to yourself. Don’t engage, don’t defend, don’t explain, and don’t personalize. Being near a narcissist will probably make you sick over time. Take ownership and have realistic expectations. Use non-violent communication. Corrective emotional experiences can rewire a narcissistic brain.. Don't engage Don't explain Don't personalize JTEM is Magic 2022-07-31 07:15:17 UTC Reply Permalink Post by Mike Don't defend Don't engage Don't explain Don't personalize Problem is, I. DEEP - dont Defend, dont Explain, dont Engage and dont Personalize. https://youtu.be/7HcU3sdrzU0 See more of Rodrigo De Souza on Facebook. Don't Defend, Don't Engage, Don't Explain, Don't Personalize. This means not taking the bait or getting into circular conversations with your co-parent that go nowhere. It means not falling into the gaslighted cycles. But when the fighting or baiting is about your children it is so much more challenging. QUOTES: "I think some people feel like, beat me with a stick, but please stop. Stop criticizing me, stop undermining me, stop invalidating me" [2:55] "Deep stands for don't defend, don't engage, don't explain and don't personalize." [5:41] "What gets challenging with the narcissistic relationships in our lives is you almost. 2020.